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    Our Projects Clients’ Sectors


    Scope iT has a well-established relationship with our clients in the social housing sector. Liaison with both the client and tenant is paramount and requires great communication skills and sensitivity. Good planning is essential.

    • We understand the sensitive nature when working with vulnerable people which means careful planning is vital.
    • Clients are often responsible for large portfolios, which means budgets are tight and costs need to be kept down
    • We have extensive experience of dealing with high volume domestic property portfolios
    • Whether your project is large or small, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail


    We have a wealth of experience working with Blue chip companies, including one of the UKs largest food manufacturers. We concentrate on:-

    • Monitoring contractor performance
    • Achieving and maintaining KPIs and SLA
    • Swift response
    • Effective communication with all service providers
    • Dedicated Project Manager for one point of contact


    Scope iT realise the importance of flexibilty when providing environmental consultancy. It is vitally important to be able to complete projects outside of term time. This will ensure that staff, students and visitors are properly protected.

    Recently, asbestos in schools has been a highly emotive subject, and therefore requires sensitivity and careful planning.

    We have a wealth of experience working with a wide variety of educational building types, including schools, colleges and universities.


    We work with a variety of industrial and manufacturing companies, which includes one of the UKs largest food manufacturers. These environments can often be extremely hazardous and requires a high level of health and safety training and awareness.

    Sites often work 24/7, 365 days a year. Careful planning and rigourous attention to detail is paramount. A robust permit to work system is vital to controlling access and egress into high risk areas.

    On large sites, value for money is fundamental and long term projects need careful planning and prioritisation.


    Retail buildings can often large and complex. Often there can be multi-occupancy tenants and in-house maintenance teams.

    Effective communication is vital with all stakeholders to ensure projects run smoothly, on time and within budget.

    We can provide a programme of refurbishment and demolition surveys to scope of work to manage your scheduled maintenance programme and minimise disruption throughout portfolio.

    Scope iT Track Record & Case Studies

    With a Major UK Food manufacturer

    Performing the role of Principal Contractor, we have worked successfully with this major client for the last few years. We will continue to work closely with them having secured their asbestos management contract.

    Scope iT has the overall planning & management role of the construction phases as there is more than one contracting company working on the Client’s site .

    Scope iT Principal Contractor role involves :

    • Monitoring contractor performance
    • Achieving and maintaining KPIs and SLA
    • Swift response
    • Effective communication with all service providers
    • Dedicated Project Manager for one point of contact

    With a Social Housing Association

    Appointed as the sole Asbestos Surveyor to a large Northwest based housing association following their tender process.

    With over 6000 properties in the Northwest, Scope iT created a phased plan of asbestos management surveys required. We introduced a new report format and database system that integrated our survey results to the client’s existing property management system.

    Our client also carried out a range of improvements to some 1000 properties each year. Scope iT was able to advise and present refurbishment asbestos survey findings at the same time as the phased management surveys. This reduced the need to revisit properties, save costs and allowed our client to complete their upgrading works on a time and safely .

    With an Education Authority

    Scope iT provides Asbestos Consultancy with this local education authority.

    We ensure all their properties including schools were surveyed and an Asbestos Register supplied. Scope iT had to deliver their asbestos management survey programme within 8 months, which we did Scope iT also provided support to the Council including supervising their Asbestos Removal projects. We had regular site meetings with their property managers & Council Officials and ensured health and safety of teachers, pupils and building occupiers is our top priority.