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    Asbestos Compliance & Audits

    Scope iT is fully aware of the complexities of regulations and HSE guidance and we aim to provide our clients support and guidance throughout this process to ensure that they are compliant.


    At we provide a full audit service which can be designed to meet our client’s specific requirements. This will ensure that all site work is undertaken to the highest standards and that all documentation meets all current guidance and legislation. This maintains both our high quality standards and your expectations.

    Site Audits

    Our team includes some the the most experienced auditors. We can evaluate the standard of work being undertaken on-site by all site staff, including surveyors, analysts and removal contractors. This will ensure that all standards will be maintained.

    Desktop Audits

    During our desktop audits we concentrate on reviewing procedures and safe systems of work to ensure compliance with HSE standards and guidance. This can be carried out at the start of the process or throughout larger projects.

    Asbestos Management Plans

    Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012), regulation 4 places an explicit “Duty to Manage Asbestos” on the duty holder. This includes building owners, landlords and managing agents and means that they have to manage asbestos containing materials (ACMs) within their buildings, and the associated risk. To do this, a written management plan must be produced which identifies all the ACMs present within the building, and how they will be managed.


    The plan must be regularly reviewed and monitored to ensure that it remains relevant and up to date.


    AtScope iTwe have extensive knowledge and experience of preparing and developing Asbestos Management Plans. By working closely with our clients, we can tailor make specific packages to encompass all their needs. The asbestos management plan will:-

    • Identify and outline how you intend to manage the associated risks with ACMs identified during the asbestos survey
    • Identify who is responsible for managing asbestos within the premises and provide training and instruction on how to implement the management plan
    • Produce an asbestos register from the asbestos survey, which details the location and current condition of identified ACMs
    • Meet with the client to explain the details of the management plan and its effective implementation
    • Inform key stakeholders about your decisions
    • Regularly review and update the plan to ensure that it remains current and suitable for the client’s needs

    Asbestos Project Management

    As an independent Asbestos Consultant ,Scope iT can project manage the overall Clients’ Removal works

    • Writing and preparing asbestos removal specification documents
    • Providing appropriate guidance throughout the tender process for our client
    • Outline the pre-qualification and contract award criteria
    • Writing and preparing removal / remedial work specifications
    • Reviewing and tender evaluation following the tender process
    • Vetting of method statements and plans of work
    • Provide full site management and supervision of removal contractors ensuring compliance with method statements
    • Provide professionally trained and experienced analysts on site for the duration of the project
    • Update asbestos registers following completion of removal works
    • Project Managers will ensure that all projects run smoothly and any issues are addressed quickly, allowing the probably project to remain within the budget and on schedule
    • Site hand over after the completion of all site works
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